Have you ever had that feeling of being called to a place? A place you have never been to before but overwhelmingly calls you as if welcoming you home?

Life seems perfect in the quaint Southern coastal town of Abemly Shores . . . until Jonas Beckman loses his wife, Charlotte. Now he must find a way to carry on—if not for himself, then for his three-year-old son, JJ.

In time, Jonas befriends journalist Cassie Sands, but he isn’t sure he’s ready for love. Cassie too is hesitant, as her own heart guards a painful secret.

Just when Jonas resigns to a life without love, a strange and sudden windstorm guides jazz pianist Savannah Sheridan to town. Jonas can’t deny the strange connection he feels with her.

But as worlds and lives collide, there are many questions left unanswered in this small seaside town. Who is Slim, the mysterious singing cowboy who brings Cassie’s secrets to the surface? Why does Savannah receive a haunting message across the country? And what will Jonas do if he loses someone else he loves so dearly?

There’s just something in the wind—but can it help in this moment of crisis?